• I love this thing. Especially with the larger phones like an iPhone 6 plus I don’t worry about dropping my phone. Feels much more secure in my hand.

  • I absolutely LOVE my Phone Flipper! This product is AMAZING!

  • It’s the perfect multi-tasking tool. Love it!

    Ian Schory
  • The Phone Flipper helps me have my phone easily available AND keep my hands free. 

    Robyn P
  • Absolutely fabulous product!!!! I don’t drop my phone any longer.

    Kaleihoku Manu
  • My hair stylist just gave me a Phone Flipper today, and I’m wondering how I have lived without it all this time! It’s great! I’m very pleased!

    Christine Dixon
  • Where has this been since the invention of the cell phone? It should be standard on phones. It’s so convenient.

    Matt Jacobik

  • Secures and protects your phone, prevents dropping
  • Doesn’t cover camera lens for selfies and photos
  • Fits all phones/phone cases
  • Comfortable, loop doesn’t dig into your finger
  • Affordable, from $12