Wallet Collection

** KEEP YOUR PHONE FROM SLIPPING - Tired of your phone falling on your face while you text in bed?

** DESIGNED FOR COMFORT  - This 3M adhesive peel-and-stick phone wallet with a finger loop is the ideal phone holder, preventing your phone from slipping or falling out of your hands.

** FLEXIBLE FINGER-LOOP -  Allows you to flip your phone out of the way so you can be two-hands-free for multitasking without having to put your phone away. 

** WALLET - Life is better when we keep it together, this phone wallet is designed to save space—its fitted snap closure pocket holds your IDs, bank cards, and cash.

** SLEEK PROFILE - This slim phone wallet is perfect, fitting nicely in your pocket or purse.

** WATCH VIDEOS COMFORTABLY - The wallet cover unsnaps and opens so you get a handy cell phone video viewing stand to hold your smartphone at a comfortable viewing angle. 

** EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA - Still thinking of the right present to give to a friend or loved one? This handy phone wallet is the ideal gift for any occasion for anyone of any age with a phone!