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Fast, fun and hands-free, Phone Flipper is easy to use and can be custom-designed to match your lifestyle, brand or personality. Simply peel off the backing and place on your phone. Just slip Phone Flipper on your finger and never worry about dropping your phone again. 

No more juggling your phone with your keys, coffee or skateboard. You can stay hands free and keep a grip on your phone while taking selfies. 


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  • I love this thing. Especially with the larger phones like an iPhone 6 plus I don’t worry about dropping my phone. Feels much more secure in my hand.

  • I absolutely LOVE my Phone Flipper! This product is AMAZING!

  • It’s the perfect multi-tasking tool. Love it!

    Ian Schory
  • The Phone Flipper helps me have my phone easily available AND keep my hands free. 

    Robyn P
  • Absolutely fabulous product!!!! I don’t drop my phone any longer.

    Kaleihoku Manu
  • My hair stylist just gave me a Phone Flipper today, and I’m wondering how I have lived without it all this time! It’s great! I’m very pleased!

    Christine Dixon
  • Where has this been since the invention of the cell phone? It should be standard on phones. It’s so convenient.

    Matt Jacobik