Phone Flipper was developed in Los Angeles by Tim Pearce, who focuses on developing innovative products that emphasize function and convenience. When asked about his inspiration for the Phone Flipper, Tim tells this story: “My daughter was lying in bed, sending one last text, and she dropped her phone directly on her face, just like I have done so many times before.  I thought, ‘There has got to be a better way’ and I just had to do something about it.”

It was Dad to the rescue! Tim explains that in the first iteration, he used a piece of a nylon dog leash and a big square of sticky-back Velcro. He created a finger loop with the nylon webbing and sewed it to the Velcro square, and voilà, a new easy and comfortable way to hold your phone without having to balance it in your fingertips was born.

The way he sewed the loop had a unique benefit, allowing you to easily and quickly flip the phone from your palm to the back side of your fingers, enabling instant hands-free usage without dropping the phone. Tim knew he was on to something and has since made many tests and adjustments to finalize the quality of the product into what is today known as the Phone Flipper!